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Commercial Services

Commercial Landscapers Burlington NC

Welcome to Lawn Creations Landscapes, your trusted partner in commercial landscaping! At Lawn Creations Landscapes, we understand that your outdoor space is more than just a yard – it’s an extension of your living area, a place where beauty meets functionality. As your local lawn care and landscaping experts, we are dedicated to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary outdoor living experiences.

Our team of skilled professionals specializes in helping clients enhance the value and beauty of their commercial properties by crafting elegant and functional outdoor spaces. Whether you have a small courtyard, expansive grounds, or anything in between, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

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Commercial lawn Care and Maintenance

What sets us apart is our commitment to creating beautiful yard designs that go beyond aesthetics. We believe in a holistic approach that considers seasonal color, carefully chosen perennials, thoughtful landscaping, and regular maintenance. This ensures that your commercial property not only looks stunning but also thrives throughout the changing seasons.

Commercial lawn Care Solutions

We are a local landscaping company that specializes in landscape design, installation and maintenance. We also offer irrigation and drainage services. We are local to Greensboro and the Triad area.

Commerical Landcsaping Installation

Our team of lawn care professionals are highly trained in landscaping. We are also a local company and know this area and what works best for landscaping in this region. We are a one stop shop for all your landscaping needs.

Our Services

Lawn & Garden Care

We specialize in both residential and commercial property lawn maintenance, landscape design and installation, gardening, and preventative maintenance.


We offer many different services from landscaping maintenance to irrigation and drainage. Drainage problems can lead to big trouble for homeowners!

Design & Master Plan

We offer Lawn Design and landscape planning! We guide you through the entire process. We want you to enjoy your outdoor space.

Landscape Construction

Designing a landscape is much more complicated than placing plants in strategic ways to beautify an area, or installing an outdoor patio in an empty space just because there is nothing there.


Irrigation plays a big role in landscaping. In order to keep your lawn and landscaping looking it’s best, you need to keep it properly watered. We can help with that. Our team knows just what kind of irrigation your space needs.

Landscape Maintenance

If you’re looking for superior landscape maintenance services for your residential or commercial property in Burlington NC, or any nearby community, call on the Lawn Maintenance professionals today.

Lawn Creations Landscapes can create an outdoor living space that you can't live without!

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From the type of grass, to the season, to the soil, we will run a complete Lawn Analysis on our first visit to determine the right products for the job. Because of its variable climate, many different types of grass grow in the Triad. Since every lawn is different, those one-size-fits-all treatments just won’t work!