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About us

Lawn Creations Landscapes | Burlington Landscaping Company

Lawn Creations Landscapes is a local lawn care and landscaping company in Burlington NC. We believe that your outdoor space should be an extension of your living area. That’s why we offer all the services you need to accomplish that.

We specialize in helping clients increase the value and beauty of their homes by creating elegant outdoor living spaces. We create beautiful yard designs by combining seasonal color, perennials, landscaping, and maintenance.

Lawn Creations Landscapes can create an outdoor living space that you can't live without!

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Why Lawn Creations Landscapes?

At Lawn Creations Landscapes we know the impact a nice outdoor space can have. We want you to be able to have the outdoor space that you desire. That’s why we offer a variety of services to meet many different needs.

We are a locally owned business and our team is made up of locals. This means we know this area and what works best for our soil and climate.

If you are in the Burlington, NC triad or surrounding areas, give us a call today to schedule a meeting to discuss your desires for your outdoor space or lawn care needs today.

Our Services

Maybe you want an outdoor space for entertaining or you just enjoy your home looking great and well maintained. We can do that and more! Our services include
Lawn Care & Maintenance

We know some people just need basic lawn care and maintenance services. We can help with that! Our expert team specializes in both residential and commercial property lawn maintenance and care.

Landscape Construction

The next step in the process is the construction of the landscape design and plan. Our team will make the design come to life. We will properly install all the plants and other features according to your personalized plan.

Landscape Maintenance

If you’re looking for superior landscape maintenance services for your residential or commercial property in Burlington NC, or any nearby community, call on the turf care professionals today.

Landscape Design

We offer landscape design and master plans. Master plans are road maps that guide each phase of the landscaping process. Our landscape artists combine landscape design, creativity, functionality, and experience to bring your family the best design possible. Designing a landscape is much more complicated than placing plants in strategic ways to beautify an area, or installing an outdoor patio in an empty space just because there is nothing there. We will work together with you to come up with the perfect design and plan for your space and needs.

Irrigation & Drainage

Drainage problems can lead to big trouble for homeowners, such as backyard erosion. You may notice a puddle or two in your basement or standing water in your yard after a rainstorm. We can help with getting your yard properly draining so that you don’t have to worry about erosion or soil run off.

We also offer irrigation solutions to ensure that your lawn stays looking nice and green.

Lawn Creations Landscapes can create an outdoor living space that you can't live without!

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From the type of grass, to the season, to the soil, we will run a complete Lawn Analysis on our first visit to determine the right products for the job. Because of its variable climate, many different types of grass grow in the Triad. Since every lawn is different, those one-size-fits-all treatments just won’t work!