What Are The 5 Basic Elements Of Landscape Design?

There are 5 fundamental elements to succeed in landscape design and help you in the process of your backyard project. These elements are mainly to connect them and make them attractive so, understanding these elements is a good place to start. Once you have a basic handle on these five elements of landscape design though, you will have the yard you always dreamed of.

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The 5 Basic Elements Of Landscape Design


Landscape color themes shape our perspective and give life to our yard. Warm tones will make objects seem closer while cool tones will make them feel farther away. At Lawn Creation Landscapes we believe in the use of color theory to determine which color schemes best fit you and how colors should be arranged. 


This design element refers to fine qualities of surfaces whether plant foliage, flowers, bark, and branching patterns, or facades, patios, and walkways. Coarse textures tend to dominate color and form therefore they are used to attract the eye, while fine textures are used to unify designs. At Lawn Creation Landscapes we create coarse textures that help us build interest while fine textures help us exaggerate space, creating the sensation of more open space.


This design element directs to the three-dimensional distance that a shape settles. Structures, plants, and gardens all represent formal and informal forms such as circles, squares, or organic edges, but so do the gaps between them. That’s why the form is the most significant element when determining the spatial and overall style. 


This design element makes forms, shows dominance, and controls the movement of the eye and body. At Lawn Creation Landscapes we use lines to create an infinite variety of shapes and patterns and perceived depth and distance to create spaces with cohesive themes. We create lines on edges between materials, silhouettes of forms, or linear features.

Visual Weight

This design element makes a group of bright or large plants that carry a more visual weight than the horizontal lines, fine textures, or calm colors that vanish into the background. A high visual weight element makes it more memorable while a low visual weight element builds cohesion and provides a resting place for the eye.

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