It’s getting cooler and it’s the perfect time for spending more time outside! But then you notice just how dirty your yard is looking. Don’t worry! Lawn Creations Landscapes can help! 

Fall Yard Clean Up Burlington, NC

Lawn Creations Landscapes offers fall yard cleanup in Burlington, NC and the surrounding areas. We know there’s nothing worse than working a long day at work and coming home to rake leaves for hours only to have to do it again the next week. We offer yard clean up services to allow you to relax and just enjoy your yard.


Why should I clean up my leaves?

Even if you don’t mind the look of fallen leaves, leaving them on your yard for too long can cause problems for your grass. A thick layer of leaves can keep your grass from getting the oxygen and nutrients that it needs and can cause it to die. This will leave you with brown patches all throughout your yard.

Wet leaves can also cause different fungi to grow and can infect your grass. This can cause the grass to die also. You can avoid this by having our team or yard experts come and clean up your yard and get rid of those pesky leaves.


Why Lawn Creations Landscapes?

At Lawn Creations Landscapes we offer many of the services you need to keep your lawn looking great year round. We offer lawn care services, landscaping care services, fall cleanup and more!

Landscape Creations Landscapes is proud to serve Burlington, NC and the surrounding areas of Alamance County with outdoor and backyard mosquito, tick and bug treatment services . Our company is locally owned which means no out of state call centers. When calling you will always speak directly with one of our team members. Being local also means our neighbors are your neighbors. Give us a call today at 336-266-3619 to discuss your lawn care needs and to schedule a time for us to come out and take care of your lawn!


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