Fall Lawn Care Maintenance

It’s getting cooler and you may think it’s time to stop worrying about your lawn so much, but wait! There are still lots of things you can do for your lawn in the fall.

Fall Lawn Care Maintenance

1. Mowing

Although you may be able to start mowing less often, you still should be mowing your lawn regularly. You will need to continue mowing until you get your first frost and then you lawn most likely will stop growing for the season.


2. Rake

We all dread this task in the fall but it’s a must do to keep your lawn happy and healthy. Raking your lawn often is important.

Leaving leaves on your lawn can block it from getting the sunlight it needs to stay healthy and green. Also if your leaves get wet and then sit on your lawn for too long, they can lead to fungi and cause other issues with your grass.

It’s best to get those leaves up as soon as possible. This might mean doing several small series of raking leaves each season instead of one big one at the end of the season. It might not be your favorite thing to do but trust us, your lawn will love you for it.


3. Aerate

During the summer season your grass can go through a lot. Aerating at the end of the season helps ensure that your grass is healthy come next spring.

Was your grass green and thin at the beginning of the season? It might have something to do with heat stress or soil compaction from last season. Aerating your yard in the fall can help your grass come back full and healthy in the spring.


4. Fertilize

Fall is one of the best times to fertilize your lawn. Fertilizing in the fall gives your lawn plenty of time over the winter to absorb the nutrients it needs to come back strong in the spring. 


5. Overseed

If you aren’t a fan of a golden lawn during the winter months, you have the option to overseed your lawn in the fall. You can overseed with a cool weather grass seed to keep your lawn green during the colder months.

This is also a good time to reseed those bare spots in your yard so that next season they come back full and lush.


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