Are you tired of walking around your yard and getting eaten up by mosquitoes? We all know mosquitoes can be annoying and irritating and we want to help you enjoy your yard again. Our Mosquito and Bug Control Programs are a great way to get rid of pesky bugs and mosquitoes in your outdoor space.


How can you help minimize your mosquitoes?

While there is only so much you can do to prevent mosquitoes, there are a few things you can try. Mosquitoes breed in small areas of water. Try to get rid of any standing water that you can. This might be empty pots that gather water, kiddie pools, etc. You can also use things like bug spray and citronella candles but even these are only going to help so much.

The best way to ensure your yard is free of pesky mosquitoes is to have it professionally sprayed. At Lawn Creations Landscapes our team is trained to spray your yard effectively and efficiently.


Why Lawn Creations Landscapes?

We know there are a lot of different landscaping or bug control companies out there but our mosquito/bug control program is different from most. Most companies are going to come out and do what’s called misting. This only covers the surface of your yard and doesn’t get everything. At Lawn Creations Landscape we do a barrier spray treatment which covers your yard more deeply than just a misting.

Our Mosquito Control will help protect you and your family from the threat of Zika Virus and other vector-borne illnesses by stopping them at the source. This is a service that can only be performed by professionals: you won’t regret protecting your home with our Mosquito Control program.


What are my options?

We offer several different options for our mosquito/bug control program. You can head HERE to find out more about the different packages.


Landscape Creations Landscapes is proud to serve Burlington, NC and the surrounding areas of Alamance County with outdoor and backyard mosquito, tick and bug treatment services . Our company is locally owned which means no out of state call centers. When calling you will always speak directly with one of our team members. Being local also means our neighbors are your neighbors. Give us a call today at 336-266-3619 to schedule a time for us to come out and spray your yard!


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