As your hair provides you beauty, a well-maintained lawn is the crowning glory of any landscape. And like our hairs, we also want our lawns to be thicker and more luscious. There are many factors as to why your lawn may not look as healthy as you want it to, like pests, plant diseases, poor soil conditions, and even presence of people and pets. Luckily, there are some important things we offer that can enhance the appearance of your lawn. Here are some garden hacks we do to get the turf grass you dream of

  • We Mow the Right Way – Ideally, we do not cut more than 1/3 of the length of your grass blade. Your lawn will suffer from stress and it will take a longer time for it to regrow.
  • Water Your Lawn The Right Way – Just like our hair, it’s all about hydration. Watering your lawn can be very tricky. On the average, your lawn needs up to two inches of water. This will ensure that the water reaches even the deepest roots. It’s also better to water your lawn deeper rather than more frequently. So deep watering your lawn every two to three days is more ideal than doing it a couple of times a day.
  • Control Pests, Plant Diseases, and Weeds – There are many known pests and plant diseases that may cause stress to your turf. Pests like grubs, cinch bugs, and webworms should be exterminated before laying a new turf; otherwise they’ll just thrive again. Weeds can also be a problem, as they take the nutrients that could have been consumed by your grass. Plant diseases like fungal infections can also make your lawn look poor. It’s always best to contact you lawn care specialist to consult in situations like these.
  • Get Your Turf Some Vitamin D – Plants need sunlight to grow. The problem with your turf is they’re too close to the ground, and the tree or other plants surrounding it may block any direct sunlight that your turf badly needs. Make sure your trees are properly pruned so they share the sun’s rays to your turf.
  • We Choose The Best Soil – Soil condition is one of the factors to maintaining a healthy lawn. Use non-compacted soil for your turf. There are also vitamin-enriched soils available that can help your lawn look better. A little fertilizer will work as well. Another way to improve soil health is to add organic, nutrient-rich materials that’ll enrich the soil. This is a healthy and natural way to add nutrients to your lawn.
  • We are the Pros – You still go to your favorite salon despite your best efforts to take care of your hair, right? Your lawn can also benefit from the years of wisdom a lawn care expert can give. Consult a specialist when it comes to lawn care maintenance.

Why Lawn Creations Landscapes?

At Lawn Creations Landscapes we offer many of the services you need to keep your lawn looking great year round. We offer lawn care services, landscaping care services, fall cleanup and more!

Landscape Creations Landscapes is proud to serve Burlington, NC and the surrounding areas of Alamance County with outdoor and backyard mosquito, tick and bug treatment services . Our company is locally owned which means no out of state call centers. When calling you will always speak directly with one of our team members. Being local also means our neighbors are your neighbors. Give us a call today at 336-266-3619 to discuss your lawn care needs and to schedule a time for us to come out and take care of your lawn!

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